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Speak On Your Feet helps people reach their communication goals in a fun and effective way. 

Because, we believe that becoming an engaging communicator is achieved through

enjoyment, bravery and being present in the moment.

Sadly, tools and techniques for developing self-esteem and stage confidence through micro-failures are hard to find - they're not taught in schools, universities or workplaces. Too many of us miss out on professional or personal opportunities because of a crippling fear of public speaking.

That's why we created Speak On Your Feet; which through our applied improvisation methods, helps train you to unlock creative confidence, become quick-thinking in the moment and build rapport in a unique way. We do this through highly interactive sessions that are delivered on-site and online, in English or in French, and include coaching seminars, workshops, masterclasses, networking events etc. - as well as through a warm and supportive community.

Each session is tailored and adapted to serve the specific needs of our mentees, which include new immigrants, students, science communicators, scientists, entrepreneurs, small to medium business teams and large corporations.    


Speak On Your Feet is a communication and interpersonal skills service provided and owned
by Lumières Media Inc. 



Raif Douthwaite

Co-founder / Teacher

Dr Eloïse Ashworth

Co-founder / Teacher

"Begin mastery over fear by first shaking hands with failure."

Raif is ex-military and has been an entrepreneur since his teens. He works with individuals, small companies and Fortune 500 companies to improve communication, teamwork and networking skills through the holistic approach of applied improvisation.

"Have fun in the moment to become the best version of yourself!"

Eloïse is a Marine Scientist (PhD) and is passionate about communicating science to the general public. After conquering her own fear of public speaking, she now helps professionals become engaging communicators by turning their public speaking experience into an enjoyable one.

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